Our Products and Services

ProActive Technologies performs incremental and total lifecycle upgrades and modifications to legacy training systems. We have the experience and expertise to service the full spectrum of military and commercial training systems, in software and hardware development, computer architectures, avionics systems, flight and ground-based simulation, and real-time embedded systems. We offer a variety of COTS open architecture simulation devices and software engineering support, with specialized expertise in real-time simulation technologies. ProActive provides these engineering and technical services from its own facilities or at our customers’ facilities. Some of the specific upgrades and modifications that we have experience with include:

• Aircraft systems upgrades
• Avionics/instrumentation upgrades
• Computer system rehosts
• Image generation system upgrades and rehosts
• Cockpit overhauls
• Motion systems overhauls and upgrades
• I/O system upgrades
• IOS system upgrades
• EMS upgrades
• Live and non-live fire range overhauls and upgrades

Our extensive Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) services experience includes design and implementation of product lifecycle support plans for daily management, operation, maintenance, and repair of training systems, spares, and support equipment, and implementation, staffing, and operation of the Training System Support Center (TSSC).

One of the keys to our ability to successfully execute our mission is our depth of experience and expertise in a broad range of engineering and support disciplines, including software engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, test engineering, and range systems and equipment support.

ProActive employs procedures at CMMI Maturity Level 3 in a broad range of process areas for the development, integration, testing, and delivery of simulation systems. Some of these process areas include:

• Requirements development
• Technical solution
• Product integration
• Project planning
• Process and product quality assurance
• Validation
• Verification
• Configuration management

This maturity level is reflected in the stringent standards to which procedures have been formally defined, consistently applied, and managed in each process area during the development and delivery of simulation and training systems. An example of this is served by the steps comprising the process ProActive typically employs from contract award to delivery. These steps, which cumulatively span all the previously stated process areas, are minimally as follows:

• Requirements Development
• Preliminary Design Development
• Preliminary Design Review
• Final Software and System Design
• Critical Design Review
• Software and System Development
• Code and Unit Test
• Software Hardware Integration
• Contractor Preliminary Inspection
• Contractor Final Inspection
• Government Preliminary Inspection
• Government Final Inspection
• Deployment
• Lifecycle/maintenance support